Week 1:  Grieving Divorce/Separation: Creating a "business" relationship as co-parents, Goals for Co-Parenting

Week 2: Impact of Divorce/Separation on children: Parental conflict on children & Types of Trauma

Week 3:  Different Parenting Styles: Co-Parenting Models

Week 4: High Conflict divorce/separation: Setting Boundaries, Parental Alienation

Week 5:  Reducing Co-parenting conflict: Problem Solving & Compromising, Transitions, Third parties, Parenting plan

Week 6:  Effective Communication: Self-Care & Support Network

At the end of each week each parent is required to fill out and send an individual reflection.

This class include the following Topics

  • We are currently not offering in-person classes but rather all classes have been transitioned into a live interactive format via Zoom. This class is not considered an online course rather a live virtual class and meets court requirements.
  • To register for this class, both co-parents must enroll. 
  • A certificate of completion will be emailed to you once you have completed all required ​sessions. (A hard copy of your certificate is available upon request for an additional $25 printing/mailing fee)
  • If you miss a class session, you will be required to make up that session in order to receive your certificate of completion. There is an additional $50 fee for all make up classes. If you miss more than one session or your make up class, you will be disenrolled and will be required to restart the program and pay all fees.
  • ​A refund for the registration fee can be requested within 5 days after registering for the class.
  • No refunds will be issued once class begins.
  • Proof of enrollment will be given to each participant on the first day of class upon request.
  • ​There is no audio or video recording allowed in class. 

Live Virtual - Court Approved

Collaborative Co-Parenting Class

Our Upcoming Class is:

Tuesday, 8/6/24, 6-8pm Via Zoom

Limited seats available

Registering for our Collaborative Co-Parenting Class is easy!

Simply complete our registration form and make your payment for the course, and you're all set to embark on this enriching journey.

Each live online session, conducted via Zoom, lasts approximately 2 hours.

​Cost: $300 + one-time registration fee of $35

Empowering parents, one solution at a time!

Important Class Information:

Join our collaborative co-parenting class, specifically tailored for parents who are court-ordered to attend together. This unique program requires both parents' active participation throughout all six weeks, fostering direct interaction and communication between co-parents in a safe environment with our seasoned instructors. Unlike our regular co-parenting class, this collaborative approach encourages joint engagement and teamwork, empowering parents to navigate co-parenting challenges together in the best interest of the child. Experience a more interactive and engaging learning environment as we work together towards positive co-parenting outcomes.

If you missed a class and need to pay for your makeup session, please click here to proceed with the payment.

*Our classes are accepted by all courts and the department of Social Services. *